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“Ultramarine Red” editorial

How can we come back to unique climat of 70’s still staying in contemporary times? Balance between iconic cuts, style and brands for these times with today popular elements. Different locations carry our model in new situalions, which put together, tell stories of feisty girl spending her holidays in a cozy interior of Dutch house. The outfits kept in black-white-red colorway, leather flares, baseball jacket and Fila sports costium, hightlight vintage 70’s style.


Photographer: Daniel Jaroszek/MAKATA

Cinemagrapher: Mateusz Dziekoński

Model: Hanna Koczewska / Gaga models

Photographer assistant: Otto Sot

Mua: Magda Szulc

Hair: Tymoteusz Pięta

Style: Martyna Kondratowicz

Style: Visual Mag

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