• Magdalena-Frackowiak-Mixte-Magazin9_0

    The biggest export asset of Poland is, without any doubts, beauty. And I do not just mean our landscapes. Shot of Magdalena Frąckowiak by Emma Tempest, for Mixte. Catch it till it's hot Mixte #9 F/W 14/15 Photographer: Emma Tempest Stylist:…

  • Mercedes_GT_2014_5

    Mercedes-AMG GT

    Sep 10, 2014



    Mercedes AMG finally unveiled their second baby, a long-awaited AMG GT. Under the hood, the AMG presented the new 4-liter V8 biturbo engine. Unfortunately, naturally aspirated V-eight from the previous model AMG has been forgotten by its masters. The engine in…

  • on_the_streets_001_2

    On the streets 001

    Sep 10, 2014



    Balance is the key to survival - regardless of what kind of jungle we live in. Cool, graphite minimalism, broken with more formal azure is a perfect example of harmony which provides an advantage irrespective of whether you are planning another meeting…

  • Iphone-6

    From the garage at 2066 Crist Drive to Cupertino, Apple has come a long way. And although (if we remain in the subject of headquarters) this probably the most visionary company in the world history is currently focused on building…

  • Lanvin-Sport-Fall-Winter-2014_1

    Lanvin zaprezentowało najnowszą kampanię promującą linię Lanvin Sport Fall/ Winter 2014. Na nadchodzące jesienne dni Lanvin przedstawiło serie kurtek i płaszczy wykonanych z lekkich technicznych materiałów. Połączenie wyrafinowanego stylu marki ze sportową praktycznością zaowocowało niezwykle lekką kompozycją. Model Benjamin Eidem, zdjęcia Greg Harris.

  • Visvim-FBT-closer-look-7

    It's hard to find a product, which unquestionably could be called a classic by everybody. Fine, we all could focus and pull out of a hat names of some companies that aspire to be a classic. Most of us would even…

  • Richard_Clarkson_Cloud_1

    There are things that you shouldn't write about few months after their premiere. Especially when we are talking about accessories for internal design. In particular when those things are lamps. And then, in spite of these things, here we are, writing about…

  • Raf-Simons-x-Adidas-closer-look-1

    What should be the qualities obtained by the perfect designer? Well, there is no straight answer to this one. But what should be the qualities of the designer perfect to enter into a collaboration with a sport brand? So, in this case…

  • Swimmingpool_Visual_Editorial_1

    So, summer 2014 is over. It's harsh, but with all this weather, that we have at this moment, you would have to be a tremendous optimist to argue otherwise. But, you know, this summer was truly amazing, because I think every one…

  • Y-3_contest_coming_soon

    With the launch of Visual Magazine we have something special for You. Contest in which you can win Y-3 sneakers. More information soon. Stay tuned !

  • Supreme_cherry_1

    Supreme “cherry”

    Sep 06, 2014



    Ok, so as we all know very well – it's so easy talking about skateboarding, when it's so hard actually showing, what's it's all about. Especially if we do it on film. That's why latest gem from Bill Strobeck –…

  • VISUAL_Magazine_0

    Every story has it's own beginning. The legend that grows along with it. Values, which one wants to follow. It's all the same with us. We do not know what the future holds for us, but the thing we know for sure…