Every story has it’s own beginning. The legend that grows along with it.Values, which one wants to follow.
It’s all the same with us.
We do not know what the future holds for us, but the thing we know for sure is that – at any cost – we will follow our ideals.
Veracity. Individualism. Spontaneity. Uniqueness. Authenticity. Lightness.
Features that, we believe, should characterize fashion.
But not all of this artificial fashion, that we can see on the runways, but The Fashion, which is made by all of us, every single day.
It is us, who – by selecting various parts of our outfits in a way, which completely corresponds to our personality – create something
that could not arise under the eye of only one designer.
We are not only passive recipients of the fashion. We are its creators.
That’s what we want to show an prove to you.
By each of our photographs, by each editorial, by each article.
Architecture, design, kitchen, motorization and finally – fashion.
We focus on everything that will help us realize our vision. For you.
VISUAL. The Beginning.