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5 inspiring Instagrams, which you should know.

They have completely new outlook for fashion. They don’t follow others Instagramers, but create current trends, are inspired by art, architecture, music and people. Their pics are a brief of fresh air on Instagram.

@larrie is a DJ from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a big fan of Drake and Rihanna. Pastels, pink and feathery earrings are her favourite ones. You can envy her a huge collection of sneakers ( Adidas x Mary Katrantzou, pink and purple Superstars by Pharrel Williams, lots of Nike, Puma (pink Instapump Furry), Reebok, New Balance, Chanel and it’s not the end of the list. Her outfits are inspired by hip-hop and 90’s.

@C_L_O is Lauren Faye. She is a creative director and studied graphic design. Her Instagram profile is an ideal composition of pics, which shows fashion through a prism of an architecture and art. Faye uses colors, shapes and fabrics unconventional. She finds beauty in the works of others, mixes different styles and notices upcoming trends.

@picpicpiczo is a Japanese photographer, currently based in London. You can see a lightness, freedom, a power of youth, and fashion is only an adscititious element for him, which makes a complete image. Piczo started out shooting Japanese rock bands. Now, he has worked for the likes of i-D and Clash magazine. He shoots not only something fashion or music-related, as long as a vibe is good. As one of not many photographers, he can capture the energy of his models.

@eugenialejos is a creative director, fashion illustrator and fashion designer based in Barcelona. She creates unique collages, which are consisted of pictures of fashion campaigns and lookbooks and matches them in one pic.

Danika sirius.film is a young and talented photographer, based in London. Her images are just the perfect expression of current youth culture. They show people of different nationalities, who have different styles. She shoots models, who she picks  from Instagram or random people met on streets, because they are more true. Her Instagram account is an unique album of pictures, which show young people in original outfits, such as ones in Skepta’s clips.


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